How soon after I am charged for my monthly fee will my medication ship?

Your monthly behavioral health program fee provides access to ongoing treatment through our doctor network and does not initiate the shipment of your medication. Each month, you will receive a reminder to check in with our doctors, and you should see and "Refill" button in the app you can click to complete a refill request. After this request is completed, a doctor will reach out to follow up and confirm your refill, so please be sure to reconnect if you do not hear from a doctor through the app within a few hours of submitting.

If you opt to have medication shipped, once a doctor has confirmed that your refill has been fulfilled, a $10 shipping fee will be processed, and shipping can take 5-8 days. If you are worried about running out of medication or curious about when your next prescription will be written you can reopen your chat with a doctor and ask them for more details.


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