I just finished the free assessment and signed up, how do I get in touch with a doctor?

After you finish our free assessment and fill out your shipping and payment information, you will have to complete enrollment by downloading our app, creating a profile, and connecting to a doctor who can figure out the best treatment plan for you. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the K app. You can do that HERE. When you set up your account, use the same email address you used to pay for the behavioral health program.
  2. Tell K (our AI symptom checker) what’s bothering you. We’ll use this information to get your doctor up to speed. 
  3. We’ll show you results of how people like you were diagnosed. At this point, select ‘Chat with a doctor.’
  4. You’ll enter some additional information and review and then press submit and your case will be passed to our doctors.
  5. Stay by your phone, a doctor will be in contact with you within the hour, most times in less than 15 minutes. 
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