Payment and Banking FAQs

Below are common points of confusion regarding how payment may reflect in a customer’s statement as well as other potential payment issues - if any of the below applies to you, please review, and if you have any further questions, please reach out to customer support via email at

I paid already - why is it asking me to pay again?

In some cases a customer may accidentally create an account separate from the one that includes their payment - if this is the case, don't fret! Please reach out to customer support and they can provide direct assistance in getting you to your paid visit.

There are funds on my card - why is it being declined?

Because we do not accept payment for membership enrollment if a prepaid card is being used, cards reflected as prepaid in our payment processing system are not accepted (this includes FSA and HSA cards, though we are happy to provide an itemized invoice for reimbursement), and you will need to either 1) input a new card (standard debit or credit card) or 2) opt for a single visit if you believe this is the issue.

It’s saying my charge was declined - why is there a charge in my statement?

Some banks will still reflect a charge as “pending” after a payment has been declined - this does not mean that the charge will process, and it should be removed by your bank within 5 business days at most. If it does not, please reach out to us at an we will gladly help resolve the issue.

I paid once, but it looks like I was charged twice - what’s happening?

While duplicate errors do happen, banks will also sometimes reflect a single payment twice as it progresses from “pending” to “processed” status. If a payment is submitted before a weekend, this can lead to delays in this reflecting as a single processed charge. Furthermore, if a refund is issued shortly after a payment is processed, you may also see this reflected in your statement as well (see below). 

I was told I was being refunded, and received a receipt, but am still seeing an outstanding charge/multiple charges - what’s going on?

Every bank reflects account activity differently, and refunds can often resemble charges in a banking statement, which can lead to confusion. Additionally, refunds can take up to 5-10 business days to reflect in a customer's statement, and businesses like ours have no say in how quickly a financial provider will return funds to a customer’s card once a refund is processed. Additionally, when a payment and refund are processed on or near a non-business day, it may take an additional 1-2 business days for this to reflect accurately in your statement.

I was told I would see a refund in my account in 5-10 days, but am not seeing anything in my statement 10 days later - what gives?

We are happy to investigate a refund delay directly through customer support to ensure 1) that the refund has been issued and 2) that there are no duplicate payments in our system that may have been missed. We also understand that the window for refunds can be longer for prepaid credit cards (sometimes more than 30 days - we apologize if this is the case). With that said, once a refund is issued on our end, we cannot answer directly to delays as it is up to your bank or financial provider to return those funds to you (please reach out directly to your bank or card company if this is the case). If you’ve cancelled your card associated with this payment, please read below.

You issued a refund to a card I had cancelled and now I am not receiving that refund - can you send me that money directly instead?

If you’ve cancelled a card with your bank or card company, and we issue a refund to that card, there are a couple of possibilities: If you’ve retained an account with your bank, and simply received a new card, they will ultimately provide you with that refund (but it may take longer than the average 5-10 day window - you can reach out to your bank for further clarification on the timeline). If you completely cancelled your account, we are happy to look into an alternative solution, but can only do so once the card company or bank in question returns those funds to us, which can take up to 30 days, depending on your bank.

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