What is K and what can you do with it?

First, stop googling your symptoms! K is a new kind of healthcare app that gives everyone free, personalized health information based on the experiences of People Like You. It only takes a minute to check how people like you were diagnosed and treated by doctors when they were in your situation. Then you can make an informed decision about what to do next.

Then, get a doctor’s opinion through the app. This isn’t your typical telemedicine visit. Share your K results with a board-certified doctor affiliated with K Health, who will pick up where K left off. You don’t have to repeat yourself, and you’ll have not only the doctor’s experience but also the experiences of People Like You to guide you both toward a truly personalized care plan you can trust. The doctor can diagnose, prescribe medication, and advise you within minutes. Our affiliated doctors are board-certified ER or primary care doctors, employed by or contracted with an affiliated physician-owned professional corporation.

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