I Think I Have Duplicate Accounts - What Do I Do?

Below we list some common issues users may encounter in relation to our account creation process, as well as some ways to better identify and navigate around these issues if possible. First, some things to keep in mind:

  • Because we ask for name, date of birth and other identifying information at the onset of entering the app, a "Guest" user account can easily resemble the real thing, while the "correct" account (one created with an online payment, or previously created to reach a visit) will often appear relatively blank if not yet used. 
  • While a single visit payment will not show in the app, you can always make sure you are in an account tied to an existing Acute Care or Behavioral Health membership by clicking into the Membership section of the app (located under Profile).
  • Duplicate behavior is hard to predict, so if you encounter a screen requiring you to pay (after already paying) following any of the steps below, please know that is not our intent -  hold tight and reach out to customer support at support@khealth.com if you haven't already and we'll be glad to advise on next steps and refund as needed.

I Cannot Move Forward Because My Phone Number Is Associated with Another Account

If you receive an error message during the "Registration" step in the app indicating that your phone is tied to another account in our system, it is likely you:

  1. Created an account with a web purchase,
  2. Entered the app as a New User by selecting Get Started, and
  3. Are being rerouted to the account associated with your phone number as well as your payment.

This issue can often be resolved simply by logging in with your phone number, re-completing the same chat and moving beyond the previous rerouting point to access our online waiting queue.

I Cannot Move Forward Because My Email Address Is Associated with Another Account

If you encounter a message indicating that your email is associated with a different account, first go to Profile in the app while in the same account (one of the three tabs at the bottom), and select Communication Preferences - if you see a phone number verified, and no email verified, your phone and email may be verified to separate accounts (for more details on this, see below).

If not, try logging into the app with your email address and password (or by selecting the "forgot password or never set one" link) - if you are able to locate your phone number in the Communication Preferences section of the app in this account, you should be able to start a chat from the Home screen in order to reach our medical service.

My Email and Phone Number Appear To Be Linked to Separate Accounts and I Cannot Move Forward

If it is clear that your phone and email are verified separately, we know this can lead to a particularly frustrating experience, as both accounts will reroute you to the other during the Registration step. For this we are truly sorry. Please contact customer support at support@khealth.com if you have not already, describe the issue as best as you can, and we'll try to assist as soon as possible.



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